We offer A Pigmentation Reduction treatment in and around the Plymouth Area.

Pigmentation Reduction in Plymouth

About Our Pigmentation Reduction

Our laser pigmentation removal will target and permenantly remove pigmentation from you skin in just a few easy treatents.

All of our treatments including our pigmentation reduction and removal are carried out by our highly trained and experienced staff in our safe and relaxing clinic in Plymouth.

Laser pigmentation removal and reduction can reduce post acne redness and sores aswell and give the client a glowing complection with just minimal downtime.

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Know More About Pigmentation Reduction!

Through age, sunlight and other factors your skin can produce dark spots, freckles and pigments in you skin. The first parts of your body to show these signs are the hands arms and face as they recieve most sun exposure.

Such things are caused by the production of excess melanin. Using laser treatments we can remove such areas through treatments at our clinic using the latest technology in a clean and safe environment.


How long will each treatment take?

Each pigmentationreduction treatment will usually take 25-30 minutes of your time but this can vary depending on the size of the area being treated.

Is pigmentation removal painful?

With any laser treatment there is a discomfort but the pain threshold for each client is different but there is some discomfort to be felt during the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are not common but they can include skin irritation and inflamation, a burning or stinging sensation or itchy and flakey skin.

Pigmentation Reduction Treatment in Plymouth
Laser Pigmentation Reduction in Plymouth
Laser Pigmentation Reduction Treatment in Plymouth

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