We offer A Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in and around the Plymouth Area.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Plymouth

About Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Our skin rejuvenation treatment is a great way for our clients to find a solution to all the signs of aging which are caused by sun damage.

We are able to treat your red veings, pigmentation, uneven sking texture and even lines and wrinkles with our skin rejuvenation treatment.

If this is the type of treatment you are looking for the please get in touch with us here at Plymouth Laser Clinic to find out more informatoin on this treatment or any of our other treatments.

Know More About Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin rejuvenation is performed using shorf pulses of light that are released to target the discolouration of the skin to create a much more youthful look for our clients. This light will also result in the stimulation of fibroblast cells which lead to increased production of collagen and elastin which improces the texture of a clients skin.


How is the treatment carried out?

One of our team will provide you with a consultation and then on the completion of this consultation we will tailoir a procedure for you. Each clients treatment will include a machine being used on the area in qestion to produce short bursts of light, this is repeated until the proceedure is completed.

Am i suitable for treatment?

Our skin rejuvenation treatment is suitable for people of all ages. We do recomend a consultation first to gain your suitablility.

Are there any side effects?

With any of our laser treatments here at Plymouth Laser CLinic there can be side effects, these can include, redness, swelling, lightening or darkening of the skin. Most people do not ecperience any side effects at all.

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