We offer PAIN FREE Ruby Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in and around the Plymouth Area.

Ruby laser Tattoo Removal in Plymouth

We use the RUBYSTAR Q-Switched Laser Machine

Here at Plymouth Laser Clinic we understand that getting a tattoo can be an exciting thing to do at a time in your life, but sometimes it can lead to regret and the only option you are left with is to remove the unwanted tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is the only non invasive way to remove an unwanted tattoo. Unfortunatly not all lasers can remove tattoos completely because of the colouring in the tattoo itself. Here at Plymouth laser Clinic we use the RubyStar Q-Switched machine whih is able in most cases to completely remove the unwanted tattoo.


We have extensive experience is removing unwanted tattoos. In our expereince, like and laser treatment, there is not a laser machine that is able to offer 100% guarantee of removal of pigment from a tattoo, however at Plymouth Laser Clinic, we only use the best equipment to produce the best results possible for our clients.


The RubyStar is a Q-switched machine, which delivers wavelength 694mm using ruby as a prime medium. The wavelength 694mm is highly absorbed by an individuals melanin pigment.


This technology is also used to treat pigment lesions such as melasma,lengito, freckles, cafe au lait spot and various lesions.


The Rubystar laser machine is one of a kind and is highly effective on various stubborn colours when removing tattoos from an individual. It is highly effective on black, dark blue and green colours, making it ideal for those wanting to remove tattoos completely.


Does the Q-Switched laser remove coloured tattoos?

Yes the RubyStar Q-Switched laser machine can remove coloured tattoos, while not 100%, most colours pigments respond well to treatment.

How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

There isnt a set number of serssions it will take to remove a tattoo, as every tattoo is different and varies in colour, type and size. Seeing a tattoo in consultation will give a good estimate on how many sessions you will need.

Are there any side effects?

With any lasers there is a risk of scarring however the Ruby laser does not heat the area of skin around the tattoo, this reduces the risk of scarring. There may be some blistering after treatment with some patients. This is normal and will usually resolve in about a week. Once the blisters have gone, the area of skin around the tattoo may feel and look shiny for some weeks.

The biggest side effect is skin de-pigmentation, as the laser targets dark pigments, the melanin in the skin absorbs the ruby laser energy as well. The most frequent side effect is that the natural colour in the skin is likely to ‘bleach’ after a number of treatments. Freckles can often disappear during the treatment.

Due to the risk of damage to skin pigment, we cannot treat tanned skin and will need to postpone the treatment until any form of suntan has faded. We recommend that patients not allow their skin to tan before or during the treatment. During the course of the treatment, you should use sun protection (factor 30+) on the area daily and you will need to keep the area covered.

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