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Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Carbon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Plymouth

Our Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment is a pain free and non-invasive way to treat minor skin imperfections.

The treatment is delivered by one of our highly trained experts and uses our state of the art laser machine which produces rapid and high-intensity pulses of light.

This laser skin treatment is a favourite amongst celebrities.

The Carbon Peel is a revolutionary Laser Treatment particularly designed to benefit people with acne, oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads and dull skin on face or body.

It offers an excellent way to exfoliate your skin with Laser Energy leading to an instantly brighter appearance, soft and smooth skin. It is an absolutely painless procedure with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

More About Carbon Skin Rejuvenation!

The Carbon Laser Peel treatment works by applying a thin layer of carbon to the skin’s surface. Once evenly distributed, a focused light beam is emitted for a precise and targeted area. The carbon particles actively absorb the light before a vacuum suction gently removes them, along with damaged cells found in the upper layers of the skin. The simultaneous generation of thermal energy stimulates the synthesis of fresh collagen and the promotion of a healthy-looking complexion.

Suitable for all types of skin with results seen after just 1 treatment!

Carbon Skin Rejuvenation FAQ's

Each treatment usually takes between 25-30 mins and is offered to clients from our Clinic in Plymouth, South Devon.

We will take this approach during your carbon skin rejuvenation treatment:

  1. Your face is first cleaned.
  2. We will then add a thin layer of carbon lotion.
  3. The carbon lotion is then removed using the lasers as well as the superficial layer of dead skin.

As with any laser treatment, there can be in some cases side effects such as redness, acne, small changes in skin colour and scaring.

Carbon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Plymouth
Carbon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment In Plymouth
Carbon Skin Rejuvenation In Plymouth
Hand Carbon Skin Rejuvenation
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